Premise Based Phone System

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Panasonic NS700 Compact Hybrid Communications Platform

Panasonic Proprietary Digital System Phones

PANASONIC KX-DT546-B, 24 Button 6-Line LCD Digital Speakerphone
PANASONIC KX-DT543-B, 24 Button 3-Line LCD Digital Speakerphone
PANASONIC KX-DT521-B, 8 Button 1-Line LCD Digital Speakerphone
PANASONIC KX-DT590-B, 48 Button DSS Console
PANASONIC KX-TCA385, Rugged DECT Multi-Cell Wireless

Panasonic Proprietary IP System Phones

PANASONIC KX-NT680-B, 4.3″ Color LCD 12×4 Keys IP Phone
PANASONIC KX-NT630-B, 6-Line LCD 6×4 Flex Keys IP Phone
PANASONIC KX-NT556-B, 6-Line Backlit LCD IP Phone
PANASONIC KX-NT553-B, 3-Line Backlit LCD IP Phone
PANASONIC KX-NT551-B, 1-Line Backlit LCD IP Phone
PANASONIC KX-HDV800, IP Conferencing Phone


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